Key Features of Exness MT5

Exness MT5 Features

  • Multi-Asset Trading: Exness MT5 allows trading in forex, stocks, indices, metals, energies, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Advanced Trading System: Includes pending and market orders, instant execution, and trading from a chart.
  • Technical Tools: Over 80 built-in technical indicators and analytical tools.
  • Fundamental Analysis: Financial news and the economic calendar can directly impact trading strategies.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Enhanced with the ability to run trading robots (Expert Advisors) to automate trading based on custom algorithms.
  • Enhanced Charting Tools: 21 timeframes available for detailed market analysis.
  • More Pending Order Types: Adds to the diversity of trading strategies with six pending order types.

Advantages of Using Exness MT5

  1. Versatility: Offers a broader range of trading instruments compared to its predecessor.
  2. Enhanced Analysis Tools: Greater analytical tools mean traders can execute more comprehensive trading strategies.
  3. Algorithmic Trading: MT5’s improved Expert Advisor functionality allows for more complex automated trading systems.
  4. Improved User Interface: More intuitive and easier to navigate, enhancing the trading experience.

Downloading Exness MT5: Steps for Different Devices

MT5 for PC

  1. Visit the Exness Website: Go to the official Exness website and navigate the trading platforms section.
  2. Select MetaTrader 5: Choose the MT5 platform from the available options.
  3. Download the Installer: Click on the download link for Windows.
  4. Install the Software: Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install MetaTrader 5 on your PC.

MT5 for MAC

  1. Access the Exness Website: Visit the Exness homepage and find the section dedicated to trading platforms.
  2. Choose MT5: Select the MetaTrader 5 option to access the download links.
  3. Download for Mac: Click on the download link specifically for Mac.
  4. Install MT5: Open the downloaded file, drag the MT5 icon to your Applications folder, and follow any additional instructions to complete the installation.

MT5 for iOS

  1. Open the App Store: On your iOS device, launch the App Store.
  2. Search for MetaTrader 5: Enter ‘MetaTrader 5’ in the search bar.
  3. Download the App: Find the MT5 app developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. and tap ‘Get’ to download it to your device.
  4. Launch MT5: Once installed, open the app and log in or sign up for an Exness account to start trading.

MT5 for Android

  1. Visit the Google Play Store: On your Android device, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for MetaTrader 5: Type ‘MetaTrader 5’ into the search field.
  3. Install the App: Choose the MT5 app made by MetaQuotes Software Corp. and click ‘Install.’
  4. Open MT5: After installation, open the app, log in with your Exness credentials, or create a new account to begin your trading journey.

By following these steps, you can easily download and install the Exness MT5 platform on various devices. This platform allows you to trade across different financial markets using advanced tools and features wherever you are.

Getting Started with Exness MT5

Creating an Exness Account

  1. Visit the Exness Website: Start by navigating to the Exness official website.
  2. Sign Up: Locate and click the ‘Register’ button, at the homepage’s top right corner.
  3. Provide Personal Information: Please provide your personal details, such as your full name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Set Up Account Preferences: Choose your preferred account type, base currency, and leverage according to your trading needs.
  5. Complete KYC Verification: Upload required documents for identity and residency verification. This may include a government-issued ID and a recent utility bill or bank statement.
  6. Confirm Registration: Submit the registration form and wait for confirmation. Once verified, you will receive your account details via email.

Logging into MT5

  1. Launch MetaTrader 5: Open the MT5 platform on your device.
  2. Select a Server: Click on ‘File’ at the top-left menu and then ‘Login to Trade Account.’ Enter ‘Exness’ in the server field and select the appropriate Exness server for your account type.
  3. Enter Login Details: Input the account number and password provided after registration.
  4. Access the Platform: Click the ‘Login’ button to access your trading dashboard.

Adding Funds to Your Account

  1. Log In to the Exness Personal Area: Use your credentials to log into your Exness Personal Area on the website.
  2. Navigate to the Deposit Section: Select the ‘Deposit’ option from the menu.
  3. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred deposit method from the available options (e.g., bank transfer, credit card, e-wallets).
  4. Enter Deposit Amount: Input the amount you wish to deposit and fill in any necessary payment details.
  5. Confirm the Transaction: Review the details and confirm the transaction. Depending on the method chosen, the funds should appear in your MT5 account shortly.

Making Your First Trade

  1. Open MT5 and Choose an Instrument: On the MT5 platform, find the ‘Market Watch’ window, right-click on the instrument you wish to trade and select ‘Chart Window’ to open a new chart.
  2. Analyze the Market: Use the available tools and indicators on MT5 to analyze the instrument and decide on your entry point.
  3. Open a New Order: Right-click on the chart and select ‘New Order’. This opens the order window.
  4. Place the Trade: After setting your trade parameters, click ‘Buy by Market’ or ‘Sell by Market’ depending on your trade direction.
  5. Monitor the Trade: Watch your trade under the ‘Trade’ tab in the ‘Terminal’ window. You can modify or close your trade from here as needed.

Set Order Details:

  • Type: Decide between a Market Execution (trade at the current price) or a Pending Order (set a future price at which you want to enter the Market).
  • Volume: Determine the size of your trade (lot size).
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: Set your risk management parameters by specifying Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

This detailed guide should help you smoothly start trading with Exness MT5, from setting up your account to making your first trade, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate the trading platform effectively.

Using Exness MT5

Exness Meta Trader 5 PC

Powerful Analysis Tools

Exness MT5 offers a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that cater to the needs of novice and experienced traders alike. These tools are designed to help you understand market dynamics, identify trends, and make well-informed trading decisions.

  1. Technical Indicators: MT5 includes over 80 built-in technical indicators, such as Moving Averages, MACD, and RSI, which help traders analyze price movements and market trends. You can apply these indicators to any chart in just a few clicks.
  2. Graphical Objects: The platform supports the use of graphical objects like lines, channels, shapes, and arrows that can be drawn on charts. These tools are crucial for technical analysis, helping traders to mark support and resistance levels, draw trend lines, and annotate various other chart patterns.
  3. Analytical Objects: MT5 features 44 analytical objects that provide deeper insights into chart patterns. This includes tools for Fibonacci, Elliott waves, and Gann tools, allowing for complex analysis of price dynamics.
  4. Multi-Threaded Strategy Tester: Use the Strategy Tester to test and optimize your trading strategies. This tool can run multiple tests simultaneously, speeding up the process and allowing for more comprehensive backtesting over historical data.
  5. Economic Calendar: Integrated directly into the platform, the economic calendar displays events and news releases that can affect the financial markets. This tool is invaluable for conducting fundamental analysis and anticipating market movements based on economic indicators.
  6. Timeframes: MT5 offers 21 timeframes, from one minute to one month, allowing traders to analyze short-term price fluctuations and long-term trends. This range provides flexibility in trading strategies and aids in precise entry and exit decisions.

Automated Trading Strategies

MetaTrader 5 provides robust functionality for implementing and managing automated trading strategies, which are executed by algorithms without manual intervention.

  1. Expert Advisors (EAs): At the core of MT5’s automated trading features are the Expert Advisors, which are programs that can automate analytical and trading processes. Traders can develop their own EAs using the MQL5 programming language, which is designed for developing trading robots, scripts, and custom indicators.
  2. MQL5 Community and Market: Gain access to thousands of ready-to-use EAs and custom indicators through the MQL5 community. If you’re not inclined to write your own scripts, you can purchase or download free EAs and technical indicators from the Market, which is integrated directly into the MT5 platform.
  3. Strategy Tester: Before applying an EA to a live market, MT5 allows you to test it on historical data. The Strategy Tester is not only multi-threaded but also supports multi-currency and real-tick data testing, offering a realistic simulation of how an EA would perform in live trading.
  4. Customization and Optimization: Customize and optimize your EAs directly within MT5. The platform’s environment supports extensive custom settings for EAs, allowing traders to fine-tune parameters based on their trading preferences and risk management practices.
  5. Trading Signals: Subscribe to signals from other traders who share their trading strategies. This feature allows you to automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders in your own trading account, making it a form of automated trading.
  6. VPS Integration: For uninterrupted trading, MT5 can be integrated with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is especially useful for running EAs 24/7 without needing your personal computer to be on, ensuring that strategies are executed without any downtime.

Using these advanced tools and features, Exness MT5 enhances your trading experience by providing powerful analysis capabilities and the flexibility to automate trading strategies, ensuring that you can trade more efficiently and effectively.

Stay Informed with Exness MT5

Trading Tips and Techniques

Staying informed and continuously improving your trading strategy is crucial for success in the financial markets. Here are some essential trading tips and techniques to enhance your experience with Exness MT5:

  1. Continuous Learning: The financial markets are dynamic, with new patterns and trends emerging regularly. Utilize the educational resources provided by Exness, including webinars, tutorials, and articles, to keep your knowledge up-to-date.
  2. Use Demo Accounts: Practice trading strategies on an Exness demo account without risking real money. This is an excellent way to test out the MT5 platform’s features and your trading strategies under live market conditions.
  3. Technical Analysis: Leverage MT5’s advanced charting tools to perform detailed technical analysis. Regularly use indicators and graphical objects to identify trends, support and resistance levels, and potential entry and exit points.
  4. Risk Management: Implement robust risk management techniques. Use stop-loss and take-profit orders to manage your risks and protect potential profits. MT5 allows you to set these parameters easily when executing trades.
  5. Market News and Economic Calendar: Stay ahead of market-moving events by using the integrated economic calendar in MT5. Plan your trading around major economic announcements, which can cause increased market volatility.
  6. Automate Trading: Explore automated trading with Expert Advisors (EAs) to take advantage of market opportunities around the clock. EAs can automate complex or repetitive trading tasks and execute trades based on predefined conditions.
  7. Regularly Review Your Strategies: Use MT5’s Strategy Tester to backtest your trading strategies using historical data. This helps you refine them before applying them in live trading scenarios.

Exness MT5 Web Terminal

The Exness MT5 Web Terminal offers a convenient way to access your trading accounts directly from a web browser without the need to download or install any software. Here’s what you need to know about the MT5 Web Terminal:

  1. Accessibility: Access your trading platform from any device with internet connectivity. Whether you are using a public computer or a personal device, you can securely log in to your account and trade.
  2. Full Functionality: The web terminal provides all the core functionalities of the desktop version, including trading, charting, and the use of technical indicators. It also supports one-click trading, making it quick and easy to execute trades.
  3. Real-time Data: The web terminal offers real-time quotes, allowing you to make informed trading decisions based on the latest market data.
  4. Security: Exness ensures that the web terminal is secure, using data encryption and secure HTTPS connections to protect your trading and personal information.
  5. Compatibility: The MT5 Web Terminal works seamlessly across different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, and is supported by major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  6. No Downloads Required: Since the MT5 Web Terminal is browser-based, it eliminates the need for downloads, updates, or maintenance, providing a hassle-free trading experience.

Using the Exness MT5 Web Terminal, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of trading from anywhere at any time, ensuring that you never miss a market opportunity. This accessibility, coupled with powerful trading features and real-time data, makes it an excellent tool for modern traders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exness MT5

How Do I Log into MT5?

To log into MT5, open the MetaTrader 5 platform, click on ‘File’ in the upper left corner, and select ‘Login to Trade Account.’ Enter your account number and password provided by Exness, then select the correct server from the dropdown list and click ‘Login.’

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